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The Latest Celebrity Diet Trends

Sure, they may have the most glamorous jet-setting lives, but even stars fight the battle-of-the-bulge once in a while. Whether they’re slimming down for a movie role or just trying to shed the last few pounds of pesky baby weight, A-listers are counting calories, managing portions, and watching the weight whittle away.

We scouted eight of the latest celeb diet trends you should know about.

Kate Middleton: Dukan Diet

She famously bared her bod in a risqué lingerie get-up in a college fashion show that is said to have hooked her Prince Charming, but after the engagement, Duchess Kate Middleton reportedly turned to French-based Dukan Diet to further trim her royal physique. Creator Dr. Pierre Dukan uses a protein-heavy four-step plan that almost anyone can follow, eating only select foods for certain “phases” until you meet your weight-loss goals.

Get a copy of the book and then sign up for online coaching and motivational stories from other dieters.

Julianne Hough: Fresh Diet

Dancer-turned-movie star Julianne Hough relies on meal delivery service The Fresh Diet to keep her calories in check and her portions in control. The service provides freshly prepared meals of your choosing right to your doorstep, starting at just $35 a day.

90210 actress Shanae Grimes even tweeted the service was a “lifesaver” during her hectic shooting schedule.

Katy Perry: The 5 Factor Diet

A client of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, singer Katy Perry reportedly supplements her workouts with Pasternak’s 5 Factor Diet. It allows the 5’8” singer to keep her pop-star physique with five daily easy-to-prep meals that are rich in five key ingredients, including protein and fiber.

Janet Jackson: Nutrisystem

This diet has been around for decades, but superstar and yo-yo-dieter Janet Jackson is the latest celeb to sing its praises. Nutrisystem provides heat-and-eat foods, plus online nutritional and dieting advice. Plans will run you around $300 a month.

Mariah Carey: Jenny

After giving birth to twins, singer Mariah Carey was said to be ‘in hiding’ while she worked hard to shed the baby weight. She soon emerged with a svelte new figure and endorsement deal with weight-loss company Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig).

Jenny allows you to choose between visiting one of their 650 centers across America for face-to-face coaching, or instead utilize their meal delivery service while periodically checking in with a weight-loss consultant via phone. Programs start at $30, plus the cost of food.

Dana Wilkey: Thin Shots

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star gets a little help staying away from the chocolate cake by downing a Thin Shot twice a day. The “diet accessory” product just launched in February 2012 and “works with any person’s existing diet,” Wilkey says, “giving you will-power, appetite suppression, and energy.”

Patti Stanger: Sensa

When the latest season of Bravo’s hit show The Millionaire Matchmaker premiered, star Patti Stanger’s dramatic slim-down set tongues wagging and blogs buzzing. Stanger credits her success to Sensa, a diet aid that you sprinkle on food to curb cravings and make you eat less. It works with a person’s sense of smell; fooling the brain into thinking you’re full.

“I lost 30 pounds using it,” Stanger says. “I have a weakness for chocolate gummy bears so I’d sprinkle Sensa on them and instead of eating the whole bag, I’d only eat half the bag. I went from a size 6 to a 4 in just over 2 weeks.”

Victoria Beckham: The Five Hands Diet

Victoria Beckham gained a reported 30-pounds on her super-slim frame while pregnant with daughter Harper Seven. So what’s a fashionista to do in order to squeeze back into a size zero before anyone’s the wiser? Extreme dieting, of course! No stranger to calorie-counting (she sent Skinny Bitch book sales through the roof when she was photographed carrying the diet tome), the 37-year old-reportedly tried the Five Hands Diet, which allows the dieter only five handfuls of food per day (we’re starving just thinking about it).


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