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Chrissy Teigen Slams Supplement Company Keto Fit Premium for Fake Ads Using Her Photos


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Chrissy Teigen is one celeb you don't want to mess with. The supermodel and social media queen recently took to Twitter to call out weight-loss supplement company Keto Fit Premium for exploiting her images to promote its products. (Related: Everything You Should Know About the Keto Diet)

It all started when one of her fans, Holly Archibald, played detective and noticed the fake ad on Snapchat. She then took screenshots of the ad and posted it to Twitter, calling out Keto Fit Premium and tagging Teigen.

"Snapchat is really out here promoting bs 'articles' that blatantly lie and use celebrity star power to sell unsafe weight-loss pills (undoubtedly without the permission of @chrissyteigen!) @jameelajamil @ddlovato pls keep on fighting this dangerous and toxic agenda," she wrote.

On top of being completely fake, the ads were promoting products that promised instant weight loss and featured made-up interviews with Teigen. A fake quote from one of the ads has Teigen saying: "I got so skinny so fast I was concerned what I was doing was something illegal LOL." Not only that, but the Twitter account associated with Keto Fit Premium seems to be fake as well (or is rarely updated). 

Teigen, who is known for promoting positive body image and encouraging women to practice self-love, was quick to address the issue on Twitter. "This is completely made up bulls**t and I've asked them to remove it many times," she wrote. "F**k this entire company for typing out such bulls**t words." (Related: Jameela Jamil Is Dragging Celebs for Promoting Unhealthy Weight-Loss Products)

She also threatened to sue Keto Fit Premium if they didn't stop marketing fake materials. "Whatever KETO FIT PREMIUM is, I will sue the s**t out of you. Stop making up interviews about your s**t product with fake celebrity endorsements. We have reached out and you're still going?? F**k you," she wrote in another tweet. 

People on Twitter also called out Snapchat for approving fake ads like this in the first place. They ultimately responded to Teigen's complaints in a tweet, apologizing and suspending the Keto Fit Premium company account. (Related: This Woman Threw Away Her Diet Pills and Lost 35 Pounds)

Regardless of whether Teigen actually sues or not, she deserves applause for speaking out (and her fan for sleuthing), rather than just brushing the issue under the rug. With so many impressionable people on platforms like Snapchat, it's important that influential celebrities keep fighting these types of unhealthy campaigns. 


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