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The 30-Minute Spinning Workout You Can Do On Your Own

Obsessed with group cycling? You're in good company. The popularity of challenging spinning workouts continues to rise, and it's no wonder: A typical spinning workout burns up to 12 calories a minute, and all that pedaling does some major magic on your legs and butt. (Related: How to Get the Most Out of Your Spin Cass)

When you can't make it to a spinning workout class (here are 10 ways to have a better studio sesh, BTW), try this new DIY routine, created by Ruth Zukerman, cofounder of Flywheel Sports in New York City.

This spin bike workout combines heart-rate-revving sprints and muscle-building climbs to deliver the punch of a studio session anytime. Pair it with this high-energy playlist, performing intervals to the chorus of your favorite songs, and we guarantee you'll forget you're riding solo. (Related: 5 Reasons You Should Really #Treatyoself to Your Own Cycling Shoes)

Save the spinning workout below on your phone, and create your own spin classes whenever you want. (Just don't make these common spin-class mistakes.)

Spinning workout plan





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