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The 12-Week Marathon Training Schedule for Intermediate Runners

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If you've already run your first marathon and keep up about 25 miles a week of running, this 12-week training plan will help your next 26.2 fly by. Trust the plan, dedicate yourself, and cross the finish line without a hitch!

Incorporate one day of yoga per week after your long run to help your body recover and maintain and improve flexibility. Add fartlek, hills, tempo, and interval runs to improve your endurance. Finally, complete your long runs at a conversation pace, or an easy pace where you are able to hold a converation. The plan also adds strength training and cross training, an aerobic exercise other than running like, cycling swimming, eleptical, stair-climbing, or rowing, to further improve your physical fitness.

Download your 12-week marathon training plan here.

(If you're printing the plan, be sure to use landscape layout for best resolution.)

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