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The Killer Gym Towel Workout for Your Arms & Abs

Bored with bodyweight exercises? First of all, there are a million, so you've got to get rid of that excuse, stat. Second, there's only one thing you need to add a little spice to your routine: a small towel—okay, and trainer Kym Perfetto (@kymnonstop), an expert at concocting do-anywhere, no-equipment bodyweight workouts that burn out your muscles faster than you ever imagined. (Just take her metabolism-boosting hotel room workout, her no-equipment cardio kickboxing workout, or her 10-minute lower abs workout as proof.)

How it works: This arms and abs towel workout clocks in around 10 minutes and only requires a small towel and enough space to do some push-ups. Do the warm-up, then follow along with Kym in the video or walk through the moves below. Note: You're doing two sets of moves 1 and 2, but just one round of everything else. Celebrate crushing the workout with a nice long Savasana—your arms and abs will seriously need it.


Burpee (Without Push-Up)

A. Stand with feet together. Crouch down to place hands on floor just in front of feet.
B. Jump feet back into a high plank position, then immediately hop feet back up to hands.
C. Jump straight in the air, arms overhead. Land softly, then crouch down to being the next rep.

Do 10 reps.

Three-Legged Dog Push-Up

A. Start in a downward facing dog, palms flat on the floor shoulder-width apart and hips in the air, forming an upside-down "V" shape.
B. Lift straight right leg into the air, forming a straight line from toes to fingertips.
C. Shift weight forward and lower hips to move into high plank with right leg hovering off the ground. Do 1 push-up.
D. Shift hips back and extend right leg up to return to three-legged dog. Place right foot back on floor, and lift left leg to repeat on the other side.

Do 5 reps on each side.

1. Plank with Arm Lift and Knee Touch

A. Hold a high plank position, shoulders over wrists and feet hip-width apart. Engage core by drawing belly button to spine and firm quads and glutes to engage lower body. Hold for 30 seconds.
B. Quickly alternate lifting each hand off the floor, keeping hips stable and core tight. Separate legs wider than hip-width if necessary. Repeat for 30 seconds.
C. Alternate drawing each knee across the body to touch opposite elbow. Keep the movement slow and controlled. Repeat for 30 seconds.

2. Triceps Dip

A. Start sitting on the floor, feet flat on the floor and knees pointing toward the ceiling. Palms are flat on the floor just behind hips. Engage core and glutes to lift butt off the floor.
B. Bend arms, triceps pointing straight backward, to lower butt to tap the floor while extending right foot straight toward the ceiling.
C. Press into triceps to straighten arms and return right foot to the floor. Repeat, lifting left leg while dipping. Continue alternating sides for 30 seconds.

Repeat exercises 1 and 2.

3. Traveling Push-Up

A. Start in a high plank position with hands and feet close together and a small towel under the right hand.
B. Slide the right hand and towel out to the side and step out with the right foot, lowering into a push-up.
C. Press away from the floor and slide right hand and foot back to starting position. Switch towel to opposite site, and repeat, sliding left hand and foot out to the left side. Continue alternating.

Do 10 reps on each side.

4. Reverse Crunch

A. Start in a high plank position with feet together and a small towel under toes.
B. Draw knees into chest, sliding feet on towel up under hips.
C. Slide feet back out to return to start, keeping core tight so hips don't drop.

Do 20 reps.

5. Side Plank Arm Wrap

A. Start in a right side plank, feet stacked, using towel as padding under right elbow if necessary. Extend left arm straight up to the ceiling.
B. Thread left arm through under torso, engaging core and lifting hips, then extend left arm overhead to return to start.

Do 20 reps on each side.


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