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The No-Equipment Barre Workout That Combines Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio

If you think barre workouts are nothing more than tiny AF movements you can't even see or feel, then A. You're wrong, it's much more than that; and B. For the record, those micro movements are actually crazy effective and if you don't feel them, you're doing it wrong. (Much like mastering the correct form for the elusive barre tuck.)

Plus, barre is a total-body workout that lengthens and strengthens your muscles while burning fat, as proven with this no-equipment circuit designed by Becca Pace, an ACE-certified trainer with Daily Burn, and inspired by her Barre Harmony class series available to stream now on the DB platform. The barre exercises incorporate cardio bursts, balance work, fine toning, and even stretching for a complete workout that will feel like a mix of yoga, Pilates, and even HIIT. (If you want to really get sweaty, try this intense barre workout that doubles as cardio.)

How it works: Go through the entire workout, stopping to repeat reps on the opposite side for the necessary exercises. Repeat the entire circuit two or three times.

What you'll need: A mat, if you're on a hard or slippery surface

Walk Out Single-Leg Plank

A. Start at back of mat, extend one leg back, tapping toes on floor. Walk forward to the front of the mat on hands, and lift the same leg as you come into high plank position.
B. Take a quick breath here, and walk back toward the standing foot, trying not to let lifted leg drop.
C. Roll back up to standing and repeat on same leg.

Complete 4 reps on each side.

Side Plank with Thread the Needle

A. Lie on right side with legs stacked. Push through right palm and lift hips, extending long and coming into side plank. Reach top arm toward your ear.
B. Thread the raised arm between torso and the floor, reaching through space without letting arm or hips drop.
C. Return arm and lower hips. Repeat movement pattern on same side.

Complete 4 reps on each side.

Fire Hydrant to Half Moon Leg Lift

A. Start in tabletop position, hands below shoulders, knees below hips. Lift right leg so knee is hovering an inch above the mat.
B. With knee bent, lift leg laterally from the hip joint then return to hover above the mat.
C. Straighten the same leg, then extend it directly to the side. Cross that leg behind the opposite leg to tap the floor. Return to starting position and repeat both exercises.

Complete 8 reps of each move on both sides.

Second Position Plié to 90-Degree Lunge

A. Start with feet wider than hip-width apart, and turn toes slightly out. Open arms wide to the sides with soft bends in the elbows.
B. Bend knees over toes with a tall spine into a second position plié.
C. Press through heels and straighten legs. Pivot feet in one direction, drop back knee to floor and bend front knee over the ankle, creating 90-degree angles in both legs.
D. Press through front heel to straighten legs, reverse the pivot back to second position, and repeat plié-to-lunge pattern on the other side. Continue alternating sides.

Complete 8 reps on each side.

Second Position Plié Hop

A. Start in wide second position, toes turned out.
B. Lower into a plié.
C. Lift heels as you straight legs, and just before you reach the standing, hop directly up, landing softly back on ground. Repeat.

Complete 8 reps.

Second Position Oblique Tilt

A. Start in wide second position with toes turned slightly out. Reach arms out to the sides, and bend down into second position plié.
B. Tilt from the torso reaching right fingers to back of right heel as left arm reaches straight up.
C. Come back through middle before tilting to other side. Continue alternating sides

Complete 8 reps on each side.

Scissors with Rotation

A. Lie faceup, legs extended straight up directly above hips, chest lifting off floor, and hands behind head.
B. Bring straight right leg down toward floor hovering just above it, and at the same time, twist torso to the left, so right elbow meets left leg. Reverse movement, then repeat on opposite side, bringing left leg down and twisting toward the right. Continue alternating sides.

Complete 8 reps on each side.

Moving Triceps Push-Up

A. Start in high plank position with hands below shoulders and knees below hips.
B. In one smooth movement, shift slightly forward onto tiptoes, lower knees to floor. Bend arms, keeping elbows back, coming down into bottom of triceps push-up.
C. Push through palms and reverse movement, ending in child's pose.
D. In straight arm plank; shift slightly forward onto tiptoes. Lower the knees and lower the chest, press up and return to a child's pose.

Complete 8 reps.


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