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This Justin Timberlake Workout Game Makes the Halftime Show Even Hotter

It's the biggest football game of the year and, arguably, the most important snacking day of the year. Whether you're a diehard Patriots fan rooting for Tom Brady to secure ring number six, a hopeful Eagles fan, or really just want an excuse to nom on nachos with abandon, there's one thing that holds true for just about everyone: You're looking forward to this year's halftime show. 

That's because this year's headliner is NSYNC heartthrob turned solo artist Justin Timberlake, and he's taking the stage just days after the release of his new album, Man of the Woods, which is out on February 2.

JT is about to bring ~all the heat~ to chilly Minneapolis (of course, he'll bring the "sexy back" with him, too)—but that doesn't mean you get to just sit on your butt and drool over his dance moves. You know you won't be able to "stop that feeling in [your] body," and jam out while he's performing. So why not turn it into a workout? Enter: This killer JT performance workout game crafted by New York City–based Reebok trainer Jess Sims.

Tune into JT's performance while following these workout guidelines (the how-tos are below), and you'll be working up a sweat just like you would if you saw Justin IRL. (Pro tip: Go easy on the guac' shortly before halftime. Burpees and a full stomach do not mix.) No chance of busting out broad jumps at your crowded viewing party? Tally 'em up, save it for tomorrow, and sweat out all those beers—to a Justin Timberlake workout playlist, obvs. 

Every time you hear the word “River”: Do one Blast Off Push-Up.
Every time you hear ~got this feeling in my body~: Do 5 Sprinter Sit-Ups. 
Every time you hear "sexy back": Do 5 Single-Leg Deadlifts.
Every time a beat makes you want to rock your body: Do 5 Broad Jumps. 
If the song is longer than 5 minutes: Do Plank-Ups until the end.
Every time you hear an exclamation, such as “Yeah!” or “Woo!”: Do 5 Pendulum Lunges.
Every time you hear the vocals turn electronic: Do 5 Burpees.

Blast-Off Push-Up


Start in tabletop position with knees hovering above floor. Quickly shift forward into plank position and do a push-up. Immediately shift from plank back to starting position.

Sprinter Sit-Up


Lie faceup on the floor with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands behind head with elbows pointed out to the sides. Crunch up to lift shoulder blades off the floor while also lifting right foot off the floor, drawing left elbow to right knee. Return to starting position, then repeat on opposite side. That's 1 rep. Continue alternating. 

Single-Leg Deadlift


Stand with feet together. Hinge forward at the hips while lifting left leg straight backward, keeping hips square. Pause when torso and left leg are parallel to the ground, then return to starting position. Do 5 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

In-and-Out Broad Jumps


Stand with feet hip-width apart. Swing arms back then jump as far as possible, landing softly on both feet with knees bent. Quickly do two short hops before performing another long jump. 



Start in a high plank position with hands directly under shoulders. Lower onto right forearm, then left forearm, coming into low plank while keeping hips as stable as possible. Press right palm into the floor then left palm into the floor to press back up to high plank. Repeat, alternating which arm starts.

Pendulum Lunges


Stand with feet hip-width apart and hands on hips. Take a big step forward with right foot, lowering into a lunge until both knees form 90-degree angles. Press off right foot and immediately take a big step back, lowering into a reverse lunge until both knees form 90-degree angles. Immediately push off right foot and step into a forward lunge again and begin the next rep without pausing in the center. Do 5 reps. Switch sides; repeat.



Crouch down to place palms flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Jump feet back to a high plank position and immediately lower chest to the floor. Press chest away from the floor to return to high plank, then immediately jump feet up to hands. Stand and explosively jump with hands overhead. Land and immediately crouch down to begin the next rep. 




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