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Get our science-backed plan to lose 10 pounds in four weeks!

Use this plan to take it to the next level with our daily recipes, workout moves, and expert advice to hit your goals.
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Our plan includes:

Step-by-step workouts with photos of every move

40 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunches, dinners, and snacks

Easy-to-follow instuctions and beautiful photos for every recipe

Expert advice to maximize your workouts and net the biggest calorie burn

Music playlists to make the workout minutes fly by

Burn and Firm 

There’s a right way to exercise and drop pounds—strength and interval training is where it’s at. Firm muscle and boost your metabolism with our step-by-step exercises to get the extra burn. These calorie-melting moves shuffled with high-speed sets will leave you breathless—and firmer.


Eat Your Way Slim

Fuel up on delicious, calorie-smart meals with all the nutrients you need to stay happy and energized. Our meals were developed by food and nutrition gurus to make sure you get the right combo of nutrients. Satisfy your cravings with 40 quick-and-easy recipes for delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Because you’re eating five times a day, you’ll never feel hungry.

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