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eco-friendly tips

7 All-Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

I tested more than two dozen natural deodorants.

What Living a Low-Waste Lifestyle Really Looks Like

"My garbage can fills up about once a month."

5 Ways to Fight Food Waste On Earth Day and Every Day

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The Upcycled Food Trend Is Rooted In Trash

The latest food trend is total garbage.

These New Adidas Shoes Are Made Almost Entirely from Ocean Garbage

This is a trend we'd love to see take, er, swim off.

What This Year's Super El Niño Means for Your Diet

Weird weather got you worried? Here's what you can do to prepare.

The Harmful Chemicals Hidden in Your Workout Clothes

Learn what chemicals are hidden in your workout clothes and why you should care.

The Top 10 Cities for Eco-Friendly Coffee Lovers

Plus, there's a green perk to each of the java-obsessed cities.

Climate Change Is Now Considered a Medical Emergency

It's not just about the environment—climate change is already seriously impacting your health, says a new report.

9 Sex Tips to Bring Sustainability into the Bedroom

You reduce, reuse, and recycle almost everywhere you go—so why not bring your sustainable ways into the bedroom?

Small Tweaks to Effortlessly Help the Environment

From your kitchen to the gym, tiny adjustments to your daily routine can have a big impact on Mother Nature.

Sophia Bush's Eco-Friendly Beauty Tips

The Chicago P.D. actress and environmental activist shares how to be more green in honor of Earth Day!

Sustainable Fitness Gear for an Eco-Friendly Workout

Celebrate Earth Day by hitting the gym with clothes and gear made from organic cotton, hemp, and other eco-friendly fabrics.

Are Reusable Grocery Bags Wrecking Your Diet?

Healthy eating rides on your weekly grocery store trip, but one of your smartest choices may actually derail your diet.

7 Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

These good-for-the-earth products give conventional cosmetics a run for their money.

Eco-Friendly Bottled Water for Women on the Go

Forgot your reusable watter bottle? Stay healthy on the go without feeling guilty with these eco-friendly bottled picks.

12 Cool Gifts You're Giving (That We'd Like to Get)

Thoughtful, healthy, earth-friendly and just plain cool gifts you told us you're giving.

How Pollution Really Affects Your Skin

Don't let this troublemaker damage your complexion. Here's how you can fight back.

Natural Leaders

These four beauty insiders are making a difference in your looks and helping the planet in the process.

Eco-Conscious Fashion

Dress responsibly with these good-for-the-planet picks.