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lower-body workouts

6 Lower-Body Bodyweight Exercises That Aren't Squats or Lunges

Sick of sinking your booty down to the floor and back? These lower-body bodyweight exercises are for you.

8 Butt-Lifting Exercises That Actually Work

Because the peach emoji is *never* going out of style.

Kim Kardashian's Trainer Shares 6 Moves That Will Transform Your Legs and Butt

Disclaimer: There's a lot of heavy lifting involved. ​

Killer Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout from Lacey Stone

Warning: You're going to feel this the next day.

13 Lunge Variations That Work Every Angle of Your Lower Body

Trainers share their go-to move to work every angle of your lower body.

The Best Glute Exercises for People with Bad Knees

This squat- and lunge-free booty workout will kill your glutes—not your knees.

7 Lower-Body Exercises That Make Sex Better Too

Build a stronger butt—and prime yourself for a stronger orgasm—with these seven moves.

5 New-School Exercises for Strong, Sexy Legs

Shaun T, legendary INSANITY creator, teaches you the art of leg toning in this lower-body workout routine.

5 Booty-Sculpting Moves from Shaun T

Give your glutes a lift for a wow-worthy rear with incredibly effective butt exercises from INSANITY founder Shaun T.

10 New Ways to Take Classic Lower Body Moves to the Next Level

In a rut? Amp up your favorite butt and thigh-sculpting exercises with these unique modifications.

5 Powerful Lower-Body HIIT Workout Moves

#3 is about to become your new favorite booty-sculpter!

Strong in 7 Legs Workout

Tighten your legs while giving your butt a boost and toning flat abs with these 4 exercises.

6-Minute Super Squat Workout

These variations on the classic butt exercise will strengthen and lift your rear in 6 minutes.

Strong in 7 Glutes Workout

Score the perfect bikini butt with these 4 exercises that burn fat and firm up your backside.

The Best Workout for the Time You Have

Whether you can spare 1 minute or 30, we have a routine to fit into your busy day.

20 Minutes to a Dancer’s Dent

You may not ever wear a leotard, but with this workout, you can sculpt a firm butt with that classic indent at the top of your thighs.

Video: Tight and Toned Lower-Body Blast

Add this 30-minute routine to your workout for a rear view that demands attention in the shortest spring skirts.

4 Weeks to Fit: Tight and Toned Lower-Body Blast

Sculpt a gravity-defying butt and jiggle-free thighs worthy of the shortest shorts with our second 4 Weeks to Fit routine.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Firm the flab and give yourself a free butt lift with these 6 moves from Heid Klum’s trainer.

6 Easy Moves for Gorgeous Gams

Get the balance and strength you need to rock sexy stilettos with this sculpting and stretching plan.

Eyes on the Thighs: 5 Moves for Sexy Stems

Forget the thigh gap. Sculpt strong, sleek thighs with this workout that gives you a hot butt to boot!