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peanut butter

Everything You Need (and Want) to Know About Nut Butter

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20 Things All Peanut Butter Addicts Understand

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12 Crazy-Amazing Homemade Peanut Butter Recipes

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13 Weird Ways to Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

PB&Js aren’t the only way to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day! You’ll love these non-edible uses for our favorite nut butter.

40 “Betcha Never Tried This!” Ways to Eat Nut Butter

And once you do, you’ll wonder why you didn’t add PB, almond butter, and co. to sushi, popsicles, gazpacho, and more before.

Perfect Peanut Butter Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

As a dessert, snack, or breakfast, this decadent chocolate peanut butter goodness is amazing anytime of day.

Post-Workout Peanut Butter Booster Smoothie

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