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women's health conditions

Everything You Need to Know About Lyme Disease

Thanks to the Hadid family, this controversial illness is getting a lot of buzz. But why is it so polarizing?

How Late In Pregnancy Can You *Actually* Have an Abortion?

According to doctors, not political candidates

9 Surprising Things Making Your PMS Worse

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6 Things to Know About Working Out On Your Period

Your workout schedule doesn’t have to shift with every stage of your menstrual cycle. Here’s the latest research on exercising during your period.

How Diet and Exercise Have Greatly Improved My Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Ashley Ringstaff was diagnosed with MS at 22-years-old.

Celebs Who Are Speaking Out About Abortion Rights for Women

"I think that we all need to be talking more and sharing our stories more."

Is It Normal to Bleed After Sex?

It's not uncommon, but usually warrants a trip to the doctor.

Everything You Need to Know About the Vaginal Rejuvenation Process

Here's what experts have to say about the trendt "energy-based" procedures.

I'm a Fitness Influencer with an Invisible Illness That Causes Me to Gain Weight

Katie Dunlop of @lovesweatfitness shares how she copes with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease.

Doctors Ignored My Symptoms for Three Years Before I Was Diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma

"You know what's best for your health. Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise."

The Best Foods for Cramps, Fatigue, Bloating, and More Period Symptoms

Nix cramps, insomnia, headaches, bloating, and more.

Marcia Cross Is Sharing Her Anal Cancer Story In the Hopes of Ending the "Stigma"

"There is a lot of shame about it. I want that to stop."

Women Are 1.5 Times More Likely to Develop Aneurysms Than Men

Women are 1.5 times more likely to develop aneurysms than men.

What Foods to Eat—and to Avoid—If You Suffer from Endometriosis

Cleaning up your diet can markedly improve endometriosis symptoms and risks, like pain and infertility.

5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Pelvic Floor

Starting with what, in fact, that even is.

The Endometriosis Symptoms You Need to Know About

Plus, every other question you've ever had about the condition—answered.